Are energy drinks bad for your sex life?

By | September 5, 2018

Energy drinks have been in he news a lot recently, and it seems that many are concerned about energy drinks. They are not really my sort of thing, but I will admit that I have had a couple when I have felt really tired at Charing Cross escorts of Working the night shift at the escort agency in Charing Cross can be hard work, and sometimes when you have had a very late night, you need an energy boost the next day.


Do I think that energy drinks can cause harm, and I would not dream of having one on my way home from Charing Cross escorts. The drinks are packed with caffeine and sugar, and both are present in such high quantities that it would be more or less impossible to sleep after you have had an energy drink. Still, I know that there are some people who are addicted to them and pretty much unaware what harmful effects that they can have on your body. The harmful effects of energy drinks are something that most softdrink companies would like to keep under wraps. Red Bull may be a fantastic racing team, but they are certainly not getting their good luck, or healthy drivers, with the aid of energy drinks.


We know that energy drinks are very dangerous for young people, but how much do we really know? If you take drugs such as viagra and other herbal performance enhancers, energy drinks can have potentially dangerous side effects. I keep wondering about all of these celebs who tend to mix sexual enhancement drugs and energy drinks. Do they know that they could potentially give themselves a heart attack? Do all of my dates at Charing Cross escorts know?


The most popular energy drinks are available of the shelf in the supermarket, and I have started to wonder if we really should be selling them there. One of my dates that I used to spend a lot of time with on behalf of Charing Cross escorts, bought an energy drink. A couple of minutes after drinking it, he started to feel really poorly, and had to stop driving his car. Fortunately for him, a police car was not very far behind. He was soon on his way to the hospital with an irregular heart beat. It did not take the doctor long to figure out that the the energy drink had interfered with his regular medication and causes the condition.


A lot of men think that energy drinks will enhance their sexual performance and make them last longer in bed. That is not true at all, and it will in fact do the opposite. Energy drinks can instead reduce your performance by elevating your blood pressure.  In the long term, all of that sugar is associated with both erectile dysfunction and rapid onset diabetes. Energy drinks may sound great when you first hear about them, but they are dangerous, and like I say to my dates at Charing Cross escorts, they are not going to enhance your performance at all.

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