How To Achieve Hot Steamy Sex

By | January 27, 2016

There are people who have sex just for the sake of doing it. But most persons tend to prefer hot steamy sex as opposed to relaxed one which does not give an individual the satisfaction desired. This is why you should always ensure that you are prepared for sex and that your partner is satisfied. This will strengthen your relationship. Your adult partner will always look for you when he/she feels like having sex. Why? It is because you are a good performer. This is the joy of every man and woman. But how do you achieve this? We seek to find out.

Start by using a sex style that your adult partner is comfortable with. Ask her what she prefers. If she likes the missionary style, make love to her using that style. This will make her comfortable while enjoying the beginning of the sex session. She will become more stimulated. At this point, you can request her to adjust to a different style. This will give you an excellent position to hit her hard for maximum enjoyment.

Try to vary your speed of pumping action. Do not begin with fast speed because this will cause her pain. Begin pumping her pussy slowly as she gets stimulated further. This will make her pussy to become wet. She will now be able to enjoy even when you increase speed. The more her pussy is lubricated, the less the friction.

Begin to pump harder until you hit the G-spot. She will begin to scream uncontrollably. Intensify our pumping action by increasing the velocity as she is thrown into the world of fantasy. She will experience what we refer to as pleasure beyond pleasure. This steamy sex will enable her reach orgasm so that she is satisfied.

Steamy sex is not just about in and out action. While your dick is inside her pussy, try to rotate it so that you can hit her sensitive areas in the vaginal wall. This will enhance stimulation so that she can be able to achieve her organism. This technique is particularly useful to women who have problems with their orgasms. This screwing action will do wonders.

Ensure that you change sex positions consistently. Do not spend a lot of time in one position. When switching onto a different one, do so with speed so that she goes crazy. Let her continue to enjoy your dick each time especially when she is at her maximum stimulation. Delays may lower sex climax which she may take time to regain.

On the other hand, making love consciously without any goal of pleasure is boring and unsatisfying. This may lead to unfaithfulness in a relationship.

In conclusion, hot steamy or orgasmic sex is the only way you will satisfy your adult partner sexually as you have fun. Make sure that you adhere to the above tips. Your sex life will never be same. Your partner will stick to you like never before.

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