Improving Sexual Performance

By | March 30, 2016

The truth is that not all ladies are happy with their husband performance in the bedrooms. I had a date with a guy here at cheap escorts the other week, and he said that his wife is always complaining about his love making skills. To be fair, I think that he could have done with some personal attention. I hate it when gents turn up at cheap escorts and are dressed badly. This gent was certainly not dressed very well, and that just gave me the impression that he did not care. I think that is half of the problem, and some gents just don’t care.

How do you become a better lover? Well, it seems that ladies are much more interested int he actual art of love making. First of all, I think that gents need to focus more on fore play. Some gents just get over excited. My boyfriend used to be like that, and I had to slow him down a bit. A lot of men who visit cheap escorts expect us to know it all but we don’t. There are several techniques that you can use, but it all honesty, I often suggest to my dates at cheap escorts to try the sensual approach.

Good love making starts way before you open the bedroom door. I have come to appreciate that many of the gents that I meet at cheap escorts don’t realize that. Once upon a time, the art of seduction used to be practiced. Some of the girls here at London escorts have been on some horrible dates with guys that they have met in bars. A few guys these days think that “Hi honey, I have got a condom.” is a chat up line. Believe me, that does not turn any woman on at all.

Most of the time I get the impression at cheap escorts that a lot of gents are in a hurry with their girlfriend. They have had a long hard day at work, and now they want to get some rest. But, before they drift off into the land of nod, they would like to satisfy their urges hence the quickie. Do ladies get turned on by the quickie? No, we don’t get turned on by that neither boys even if it involves washing machines, or on top of the spin drier. It is strange but this is exactly the sort of thing men think we like.

I tell you what, working for cheap escorts can be a real eye opener. You get to hear all sorts of insane stories. If I have date at cheap escorts who goes on and on about wanting to be a bit lover, I tell him to read the English Patient. It has some amazing sensual writing in it, and could turn any men into a great lover. I keep thinking that I should keep a cope here at the agency, and read it to some of my gents. They may finally take the hint that sensuality is an important part of every woman’s life.

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