Is dress code important to you?

By | June 16, 2017


I never used to worry a lot about dress code in my previous job but since joining Rochester escorts of, I really do pay a lot of attention to dress code. When I first joined the agency, I never used to do a lot of business dating, but now it has become a lot more popular. I like to think that I can keep up with the rest of the girls at the agency, and I have to say that I have invested rather a lot of money in my wardrobe for my gents at the escort agency.

Lots of people do not think that there is anything special about escorting, but there certainly is. A lot is expected of the modern escort. You may not only be going on business dates, but you may also be going on party dates. Both require different wardrobes so there is a lot that you need to stay on top of when you are into escorting. It is not all about putting on a pair of stilettos and trying to look sexy. That is certainly one of the things that I have learned at Rochester escorts.

The right choice of lingerie is important as well. Buying cheap lingerie is an option for most of the girls at the agency, but this is not a road that I have ever gone done. I like to make sure that I look good all of the time, so I buy nice lingerie. Once you have invested in nice lingerie, you have sorted if created an image and I have to say that I think that is really important. Not all girls are keen to do so, but I am. It is something that my gents appreciate a lot.

Are stilettos okay all of the time? When I first joined I thought that I would need to be wear stilettos all of the time, but that is not true. Not all gents are into stilettos and I have a few gents in my dating diary who are not turned on by stilettos at all. Needless to say, there is no way that you should be going out on a business date wearing stilettos. It does not look really nice, and may even give the wrong impression. I do a lot of business dating at Rochester escorts, so I know that you need to be careful.

Finally, what about bling? I am so lucky to have a couple of gents here at Rochester escorts who really like to spoil me. They have bought me some nice jewellery and I wear it when we go out on our dates. Sometimes it is hard to remember what gent has bought me what, but I have started to leave a little note in the case. If you have gents who are less generous, it is fine to wear some costume jewellery. A couple of the girls here at Rochester escorts have been able to build up rather nice collections by going around antique stalls. To look good does not have to cost a fortune. Buy clothes that you like and that you are going to feel confident in. That is what is going to make the difference.

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