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By | August 24, 2018

Men and beauty are two words that never seem to have gone hand in hand, but  the truth is that men are becoming interested inn beauty and looking goods. Most of the top cosmetic brands now have a special range or two aimed towards mens grooming. I was helping on of my dates at Barnet escorts to show the other day when I realised that men are confused about beauty and cosmetics. He wanted to buy some after shave and did not realise that after shave balm may be a better alternative instead.


It turned out that this was not the only man I date at Barnet escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/barnet-escorts who is confused about men’s beauty. Looking at the lines available from the cosmetics companies, they are certainly doing a good job at producing stuff. But, I do think that they are not so good at explaining how to use the lines available. For instance, what is a moisturiser and does it do the same thing as an after shave balm? Those points seem to be lost.


Spending a lot of time with men at Barnet escorts, I know that the majority of them prefer the stuff which has been around for a while. They still buy after shave believing that it is going to wonders for their skin. After save may smell great but it is not going to do a lot for your skin. Read the label, and you will find that it is full of alcohol. That will only dry out the skin, and if you would like your skin to remain wrinkle free, you should really try to invest in a good quality moisturizer for your skin.


There is no way an after shave balm is going to help the wrinkles around your eyes. Men often remark that women don’t seem to have any wrinkles around their eyes. Well, that is because they buy an anti wrinkle especially made for the delicate eye area around the eyes. Unfortunately, only one or two cosmetics brands do make one of for men, and I have advised my regulars at Barnet escorts to buy a ladies’ eye cream instead. They are very effective and all of the leading brands do make their own version.


Men are also beginning to pay attention to their hair. It is not only the color that they are concerned about, it is the quality as well. I have noticed that men do talk about what is good for their hair. A few years ago, I am sure that I would not have heard any of my gents at Barnet escorts mention hair color or hair care products. Now they frequently do, and I think that is nice. But then again, I am not sure that I would want to spend all night talking to a man about beauty and grooming. It would be one of those things that I would rather talk to my girls at Barnet escorts about. I can think of so many other things that I rather be doing when I am out on a date….



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