Vanilla Guys – What are They?

By | January 5, 2017

I met this guy on a business function date with London escorts the other week, and he told me that he is sort of a vanilla guy. I have never heard about vanilla guys before and I had to ask one of my friends at the escort agency. She was not sure neither so we checked it out online. Apparently it means that you are kind of run of the mill and not into anything exciting. I guess the next time my vanilla guy turns up, I am going to have to be extra gentle with him to keep him happy.

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It is funny, but people are so different. When I go on dates with London escorts, I never know what sort of guy I am going to meet. Some guys are really adventurous, others just want to chill out. You never know which you are going to get and that makes working for an escort service challenging. Like I often say to the gents that I date, I really don’t know how to look after them unless I have dated at lest a couple of times.

Some guys go to real extremes but I will admit that I am meeting less of them at the moment. A few years ago, all of my dates were kind of exciting to spend time with but a lot of that has changed now. The thing is that a lot of gents are worried about stuff and what you will say about them. None of the girls that I know at London escorts gossip about their dates. I really can’t see the point of that as you are really meeting up on a really personal basis.

When I first started to work with London escorts, I think that gents were much more adventurous and keen to explore things. Perhaps it is the vanilla guy concept which is changing them. I keep on wondering what sort of gent the average woman would like to meet. Personally I would like to meet a really exciting gent but not all girls are like that. Some ladies that I talk to are not so interested in the the physical side of a relationship at all. They just want to be friends and I think that a lot of men find that confusing.

Sure I have male friends but all of them are gay. I love to go shopping with my gay friends and for nights out. But the truth is that I really think of them as girls. The gents that I date at London escorts are all real men and most of them are exciting to be with for me. My gay friends are fun to be with and I suppose that is one of the reasons that I hang out with them after work. It is nice to have a little bit of both worlds and I think that a lot of women feel that way. If we did not have a little bit of everything, I think that our lives would soon get very boring.

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